Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Art by committee

I have a picture on James Gurney's blog! James Gurney is an incredibly gifted artist and the creator of Dinotopia.

Periodically, he posts a random sentence from a manuscript and challenges his readers to illustrate it in a sketch. He and some artist friends do this when they get together. I took the challenge and sketched a scene after the phrase, "A wind—not moving air but currents of force—rose up and tore at her," . It can be seen here. Of course, I had to do a fart joke.

When I e-mailed Mr. Gurney my sketch, I introduced myself and thanked him for his blog. He sent me a very gracious reply. He is a class act. is a great resource for artists. James teaches art history, color theory and art technique on the blog. He shows how he creates fantastic scenes from his imagination using models, both human and constructed, and the knowledge he's gained from what appears to be nonstop figure and landscape painting. He seems to do this for no renumeration. Just because he wants to share something he loves doing. His blog has been a godsend for a cartoonist like me who is still trying to figure out this painting thing.

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