Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Man Looked Bored

This is a colored sketch for the Art By Committee challenge on James Gurney's blog. The challenge was to illustrate the phrase "the man looked bored". I drew the image in sepia ink. I colored the man with watercolors, using a limited palette of burnt sienna, ultramarine blue and mars black to give him a dull look. All the creatures and activity outside are in acrylic. It looks rushed because it was. Of course, the challenge is supposed to be a sketch. I have to force myself to be loose and not worry about the details I would normally fret over.


Andrew Wales said...

Dave, I love the name of your blog. Every artist got their start by posting their art on the fridge, and you've kept it going.

Hey, that is a really great painting for a rush job. Nice work.

Anonymous said...

This is hillarious! I love the spaceship seemingly floating outside and the unicorn gallantly leaping through the air all while the guy is probably thinking, "Darnit. There is NOTHING on T.V.!"

Very funny.