Friday, March 20, 2009

Rockabilly Angels

Here's my latest painting. Its been some time since I've done a piece on canvas. The image has been in my head for quite a while.

20"X30" Acrylic on canvas.


Anonymous said...

You finished it! :D
Nice! I love it!! It's so funny. That'll be me up in heaven... rocking out with some angel friends. haha
I'll let Gabriel and the others stick to their harps. It's a six-string electric for me! haha

That last angel you put in... it kinda looks like you? Was that intentional, or coincidence, or.... maybe I'm just seeing things. haha


Niall O loughlin said...

Fantastic Dave, how long did that take????

Dave H said...

Thanks Aaron. I had to use a model for the last angel so I used the cheapest one I could find.

Thanks Niall. I'm not really good at keeping track of time spent. It was done in about two weeks but I often only worked on it for a couple of hours a day.

Thomas said...

AWESOME!!!!!!!!! that one angel looks familiar........... you could do a series of different types of music!