Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A scary story

Lately I've had a desire to do some comic pages. I haven't done any in a long time. The comic pages I've posted here were all done several years ago. So I did this little two pager. Watch out for the terrifying climax. Remind yourself "It's only a comic, it's only a comic".
Click on the images to enlarge.


Anonymous said...

So I am happy to announce that I did not read that while in class, since I would have disrupted it with my laughter. However, we do promote art in this fine establishment.

Anonymous said...

Dave, that was hysterically funny. I am crying tears of laughter. Make another one please. - Claire

Anonymous said...

you are too funny.
and this is why I love you.

Dave H said...

Thanks everyone. I guess I better keep the gags coming for my daughter. In case anyone is wondering, Teddy is the goofy alter ego of one of my nephews. So this is basically a family in-joke. Please forgive my indulgence.

Andrew Wales said...

That is funny! Nice lettering.

Hey, who wouldn't want to share a discovery like that? I showed my family a potato that I thought looked like Walter Cronkite, but then realized it was just a common tater.